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We define your digital marketing strategy and create the roadmap for you

What we do

We analyse your digital channels like web site, mobile apps, social media accounts and interactive digital screens at the point of sales, we find out the gaps and fill them with the right solution or service.  We create the strategy and roadmap for you and optimise them based on our detailed analytics from each channel during our journey.

We as Mangodo, define and fulfill the digital marketing needs of your company in web, mobile, socail media and interactive digital screens. We offer you tailor-made and creative solutions according to your corporate vision, expectations and targets.

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions to our customers. That is why we also work on creating tools and doing partnerships with such solution owners. By this way, we aim to fasten the processes and make them cost-efficient.

Our Services

We provide the services to create for you the most effective way in your digital marketing journey by analysing, strategy creation, channel development and management!

Digital Strategy Consulting

We make sure that you reach your audience effectively by using the dynamics of the digital world. We plan your presence in digital channels like web, mobile, social media and interactive digital screens; offer solutions that are set according to your corporate vision and create the whole roadmap for you. 

Digital Channel Developments

We develop web sites, mobile apps and tailor made platforms, create social media pages and install digital screens at the POS to help your company take part in digital media effectively. With the help of our in-house tools and partners, our goal is to make the developments fast and cost-efficient. 

Channel Management

We do not only create the digital channels for you but we also help you manage those channels. We can follow different paths based on your needs. We can provide you active content/media management services in some or all of your channels as well as consultancy or trainings. 

Advertisements & Campaigns

Once the digital channels are created, you need to promote them as well. We also help you in creating media plans in web, mobile and social media. We also offer creative campaign ideas and the whole project management services to launch the campaigns.

Analytics & Optimizations

We analyse each digital channel and use the results to optimise them.  We redesign the roadmap iteratively based on the analytics to reach our goals. Thanks to our powerful tools, we are able to analyse the online media and see their effect at the point of sale as well.

Product & Project

We are happy to share our experience and know-how on project and product management with you. We can provide you long-term support starting from creating the business plans, to product requirement documents, planning the phases realising them. 

Our Partners

Beabloo - Interactive Digital Signage and Analytics Solution

Beabloo is a technology company specialising in a combination of multi-channel digital marketing (web, mobile, social media and digital signage) and big data for retail environments and establishments working directly with the public. Beabloo’s marketing solutions enable its clients, whether they are stores, shopping malls, universities, airports, hotels or exhibition centers, to send information to their visitors or users, and learn about their behaviour and interaction within the establishment. At the same time, big data solutions analyse the large volume of data generated each day in these areas, in order to improve the quality of the services provided.

Beabloo is able to deploy the full process applying online analytics to the offline retail world to obtain customer behavior data allowing retailers and brands to offer specific content via the Beabloo Content Management System in a digital signage omni-channel platform.


SALESmanago - Marketing Automation Solution

Salesmanago offers the most innovative marketing automation platform for eCommerce, B2C and B2B companies of all sizes. The software enables the customers to achieve outstanding sales results by implementing a complete range of automated and personalised marketing in a multichannel environment.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation provides an easy to implement next generation solutions that redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used. Their unique methodology are done by powering them by the real-time flow of customer behavioral and transactional data.

Their goal is to create a product that empowers its users to implement any kind of marketing processes they desire. This is done by working with customers every step of the way and customizing SALESmanago to their most specific needs.

APPmanago - Mobile Marketing Automation

APPmanago is a cloud based Mobile Marketing Automation platform developed by SALESmanago – world’s top 6 marketing automation platform (according to used by over 5000 customers in 40 countries.

APPmanago offers a complete suite of functionalities and solutions that help marketers to harness the full potential of mobile and truly engage customers who downloaded your mobile app.

APPmanago allows for app users identification, individual users behaviour tracking and automated realtime 1-to-1 personalization of marketing in the context of the phone and mobile app.

Appland – App Store Subscription Clubs

Subscription Clubs – Netflix and Spotify. Two authoritative names in digital content distribution services. Also two successful implementations of all-you-can-eat subscription business models.

Together with global top developers, Appland provides app store subscription clubs. Consumers pay a fixed recurring fee and get full access to a catalog of captivating games and apps without ads.

It is the business model consumers love!